How to optimise your B2B website

Did you know that the average visitor spends only four seconds on a website, before deciding whether to stay on it, or return to the search results? As such, it is critical that a website homepage be high-impact, while also captivating visitors with useful cues and information. To achieve this, there are specific elements that website visitors immediately expect to see. These items are what make the visitor feel confident in the company and comfortable awarding their time to this one site, rather than the hundred others it is likely competing with. These elements span design techniques, optimization strategies, foundational information and call-to-actions that guide visitors throughout the site or to other relevant pages that support build the all important ‘social proof’.

This infographic, “Top 10 Features Every B2B Homepage Must Have”, will take you on the journey of a business-to-business (B2B) website homepage, differentiating keenly between the elements of a business-to-consumer (B2C) site. Fundamentally, a B2B website aims to strategically inform, validate and convert visitors to “raise their hands” for the product or service it offers, while a B2C site focuses most on showcasing the product or service and achieving conversions at the point of sale. With different objectives that cater to various steps in the buyer’s journey, it makes sense that the elements of a B2B and B2C homepage will be drastically different. As such, this infographic will identify and explain the purpose behind the top 10 mission critical elements, with tips for implementing each.




source: smartinsights