Modus have won the pitch for the creative and media for Worcester Commandery  – Year of Liberty & Democracy programme. To drive visits to The Commandery events across the year, to sustain interest in the programme through to Easter 2016.

Our striking creative and application of media planning tools secured this exciting project. We will create a series of print and media collateral to support these events that will drive defined and targeted audiences to The Commandery with an overarching objective of increasing the number of visitors to 1000 a day with a further metric of 30% to come from outside of Worcester.

We will target audiences by using their media consumption channels and media interaction to place The Commandery events creative “call to action” on visible media platforms including Outdoor and Digital. We will be using some of the most sophisticated media planning and profiling tools.

The County total target base is circa 557,600. However we know that only certain segments of this population will act on any event in this nature so we will be using the budget to target the key target markets. Building on the profiling we have already done, Modus are able to leverage findings on behalf of The Commandery

We will use these tools to further understand our target audiences and to develop multichannel marketing tactics that leverage budgets in the best possible way by targeting media more accurately and reducing waste,

We are aware that the following two sectors of Worcesters population are a group known as “classic individuals” and the second group as ” assured individuals” who are more than likely to engage positively with an event held at The Commandery. We need to increase their knowledge of The Commandery as a destination.