Harmony Hair care

Our work with Harmony Hair Care falls under the umbrella of work we do for Three Pears Brands. On March 1st 2021, Three Pears Brands continued to develop its consumer goods portfolio with the acquisition of Harmony, Stergene, Amplex, Leichner and Ingram.

Harmony Hair Care reigned supermarket shelves throughout the seventies and still remains on the shelves in some of Britain’s largest supermarkets, including Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

What we did

We worked closely with Three Pears Brands during the New Product Development (NPD) stages, holding branding workshops and negotiating budgets. As well as designing and printing packaging we built Three Pears Brands an informative standalone website for Harmony Hair Care and produced all the written content which of course can also be used on Social Media and for PR!

How it worked

After an initial meeting, we all agreed on a plan that would successfully bring Harmony, and numerous other brands, back to life. We researched all of the old televised Harmony adverts and old Harmony packaging in order to work out how we’d combine a new look with their famous old look in order to stand out against an already crowded market.

We communicated regularly, be it on zoom, email, phone call or face to face (during the short time that we were allowed!), responding promptly with any design and content amendments to meet our agreed deadline.

Three Pears know they can call on the expertise at Modus to support them with any initiative. Our transparent working relationship has stood the test of time and we are looking forward to it continuing long into the future.

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