Modus were commissioned by local photographer Simon Fall-Taylor to build a website.  Working with a photographer is great as they are able to supply all the images, but it was down to us to create a superb online portfolio.

What we did

There are 3 main areas – commercial, events and property.  These 3 separate pages have a copy so that there is a story behind the images and also a copy is important for SEO.  At the bottom of the, each of these category pages is a selection of images and we developed the site so that are images at the site showcasing a particular project. 

For the main portfolio Modus created a collage of images and once again behind each image are further examples to highlight more about the specific project.

Images tell stories and capture moments.  In the website, it’s important for the visitor to understand how Simon works with clients to make sure that, with a corporate client, that their brand is showcased in the best way or that an event is recorded in pictures that people will treasure.

How it worked

In this digital age of twitter and Instagram it is still important that businesses have a website.  The websites themselves are the central hub of everything and offer credibility.  For a photographer like Simon, this works brilliantly as he is able to reference projects on the website to people who may be thinking of working with him.  The images showcase perfectly what he is able to do and the client can decide from there.

Simon is delighted with the results of the website and we were pleased to be able to work on the project with him to achieve a great result.  As with all websites, projects can be added and updated and websites should never standstill.  Pictures tell stories and there is always something new to say.

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