Fred’s of Worcester is an exciting café and bar that champions local producers.  Ethical, organic and sustainable are words that are woven into their philosophy and their menu.

What we did

Fred’s initially approached Modus to produce logo concepts.  They wanted to keep the ‘look’ really simple, black on white, and had supplied illustrations of fruits, flowers and vegetables, so we created a style of line drawings with a text with a heavy seraph that complemented the illustrations.

In the next part of the project, we produced window vinyl designs incorporating the finalised logo and illustrations.  Located in the Tything in Worcester, Fred’s is on the main A38 where traffic is passing (sometimes very slowly) in and out of town.  Therefore we needed to produce an eye-catching design that would be memorable for people driving and walking past.

How it worked

The vinyl then led to the menus and the website.  For brand continuity, once again we kept the illustrations and the theme of the fruits, flowers and vegetables and designed a simple menu and website all in crisp black and white to match the artisan feel of the brand. 

We then produced take away menus, promotional and loyalty cards.   The next stage for Fred’s is to get the message out there about their amazing boutique rooms and this will be branded as Upstairs at 33.  There will be a separate site and booking platform. 

 This commitment to ‘local’ means that they truly support the local economy and showcase producers that people may not have come across before.  Modus couldn’t be more local to Fred’s and is literally just around the corner, this means that Fred’s has become our local too!

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