exhibition material for folk2folk

Folk2Folk are a peer to peer lending organisation.  They have a great brand, a brilliant website and our brief was to come up with some innovative designs for exhibition material.

What we did

With a strong corporate ID we tailored designs for different sales messages and were able to work within specific campaigns to produce large format material that made a big impact.

From the beginning Folk2Folk made a decision to opt for fabric exhibition stands and Modus have a wide range of fabric stands from the conventional to the weird and wonderful!  Fabric exhibition stands are produced with a lightweight aluminium frame and a fabric is then printed that stretches over the frame.  The advantage is that this type of stand is very portable and most stands break down into a holdall the size of a sports bag.


How it worked

The fabrics themselves can be printed double sided, so it’s much better than an old pull-up which can only be printed to one side and doesn’t last beyond a few outings.  Fabric stands can be used time and time again.  The fabrics are machine washable at 30 degrees and fast drying, so if they get marked, a quick spin round in the washing machine and the fabric is as good as new.

Also fabric exhibition stands are a great option because once you have bought the frame you can just have additional fabrics produced for the style of that frame.  This all keeps cost to a minimum and keeps your range of fabrics up to date. 

Folk2Folk are delighted with the designs and fabrics that we continue to produce for them.

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