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Captivate Brands design quality products for the kitchen and home.  Their UK based design team are the brains behind innovative utensils and cookware covering a range of five distinct brands and the objective is to produce products that have a practical purpose and look great.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a reflection of individual lifestyle.  With this in mind, it is the mission of the Captivate design team to come up with ideas and solutions for every function in the kitchen and dining space.  The style markers of each brand attract stockists whose customers are drawn to creating a certain ‘look’ for their kitchen which is backed up with products that deliver on functionality.

Both style and substance are critical to the success of each brand.  For example, Artisan Street is a range of simply beautiful kitchen, oven and tableware that combines natural dark acacia wood with two-tone cream and white ribbed ceramics which appeal to those who like clean lines in a de-cluttered space. 

The Bakehouse is the brand for the serious home cook that’s out to impress every time! Features of the range are trays and roasters made from carbon steel with non-stick coatings, integrated handles alongside durable tools for all aspects of food preparation.

Kitchen Pantry is for those that like to get messy and creative in the kitchen.  With generous mixing bowls, jam-making kettles and strainers and stainless-steel utensils, this is the perfect range for those that like to present homemade gifts in chunky glassware which come with a choice of labels and tags for the personalised touch.

For neat freaks that like space saving ideas, Venn is a vibrant and colourful range of utensils and bowls designed to stack and store away in small spaces.  The products are colour co-ordinated in sets to create a quirky and cheerful range to add pops of colour to any kitchen.

The newest range is the Mary Berry collection in celebration of the home cooking legend and national treasure.  The range is pristinely white with painted birds and flowers in hues of blues and greys and bauble edged plates and bowls, pretty, feminine and the perfect range for afternoon tea.

Captivate Brands approached Modus with a brief to create a new website to successfully showcase their full range of brands and products.  From the beginning, it was essential that the website was clean, uncluttered, easily navigable and that the brands would retain their own individuality under the umbrella of Captivate Brands.  With design-led innovation at the heart of the Captivate story, it was important for Modus to emulate that ethos and to create a website design that is sassy and puts the brand’s centre stage.

Great images and lifestyle shots sit alongside detailed descriptions and the website is designed to inform the visitor without overwhelming them with stats and facts and figures.  Design and practicality are communicated visually and simply which results in a sophisticated and stylish website that delivers.

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