Modus is the one-service marketing agency for Atticus Insurance, but this one service is an all important one. Atticus are a newly established local insurance broker. In order for them to gain attention and potential clientele, we built them an impressive website.

What we did

The brief was for Modus to design and build a brand new website for Atticus, open the flood gates for potential clients and ensure people heard about the ‘new local insurance broker’. With regular contact with the experienced Director of Atticus, we had the perfect brief and instructions were clear – we ensured they got exactly what they wanted. In addition, we support Atticus with non-digital marketing too, we design and print their marketing collateral.

How it worked

Similar to our other projects, our superb communication and relationship management is what caused this campaign with Atticus to succeed – regular contact with the main director and his team allowed us to demonstrate our excellent communication skills.

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