Disease Takes Hold’, just one of the news articles from March 19th, 2020, surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Only 24-hours later Modus CEO Guy Marson called a Modus team meeting presenting his strategically thought-out SWOT analysis detailing the affects the pandemic could have on the business, should it not be prepared

‘YOU MUST STAY AT HOME FOR ALL OUR SAKES’ echoes Boris Johnson’s voice throughout living rooms the very weekend of March 19th. So, how did one Modus team meeting make Modus become one of the most agile and successful Marketing Agencies in Worcestershire?

Flexibility was our key to survival, and that wasn’t just letting staff work from home, sitting in their pajamas eating breakfast whilst on a morning Zoom.

We operated transparently, navigating through the challenging times, hunting down, and pitching to new Clients whose wants, and needs didn’t typically follow our traditional business model.

We pitched and won.

Working closely with Covid throughout the pandemic we created educational videos and launched a website on how to effectively and clinically perform a Covid Rapid Antigen Test with Professor Sir Chris Evans OBE, (Founder and Chairman of Excalibur Health Care Services and advisor to the Government). We also branded, packaged and created informative, punctual marketing campaigns for Breathe Happy, a reusable face mask which still to this day offers the highest filtration available on the consumer market. The Times rated this mask 5*.

Our competent team of web designers, graphic designers, content writers, digital marketers and account managers dived headfirst into the midst of the pandemic, survived, and thrived.

When responsive and agile creative is required, in a fast-paced and ever-changing digital world speak to modus, a team of curious, innovative, and focused individuals who make important decisions quickly and efficiently. Call 01905 734 640 or email info@modusagency.co.uk