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Think Inventory Solutions Branding for Brochure & Website

Posted on May 31, 2016


Think Inventory Solutions

Think Inventory Solutions are a new subsidiary of Think Warehouse and Think IT and supply inventory and warehouse management software for a range of industries, modus were tasked with developing a marketing plan for the new company and stage 1 included the new brand, website design and the supply of various collateral. 

Think Inventory Solutions

The challenge with this lay heavily in the branding as we the brief asked us to incorporate the Think aspect of the other brands but to also focus on the service they offer. Working with the client we collectively decided on a name that would ensure we clearly demonstrated what they do, Inventory Solutions, whilst linking it to the other brands and designing a modern and functional device. We used a modular approach to the designs, with various different interpretations, to represent the multiple services and software modules that they offer. We trialled various colour ways to attempt to differ them from the seemingly industry standard blue and competitors. Eventually the decision was made with a blue and grey colour scheme and the squared modules. Think Inventory Solutions was born. 

Upon the branding being complete we then began work on the website. We wanted to incorporate the various industries as well as the services and the approach they take. This helped facilitate the draw up of a site map. A site map enabled us to determine the key elements in regards to the menu and content of each sub menu. The design could then begin.

Think Inventory Solutions website design is quite a simple and clean design, allowing users to be able to easily identify and locate the information they need. It was also designed with all users in mind, this is why the website is fully mobile and tablet friendly allowing a user to access the website on any device resolution and still being able to get the information they need, but also keeping the clean and simple look that Think Inventory Solutions wanted from the website. 

We have built the website with everything that a modern website would need e.g. EU Cookie Law Compliance, social media buttons, contact forms, google map integration and an easy to manage content management system using WordPress. WordPress allows the client to manage and control the websites content and images with ease, allowing them to keep the website up to date without needing assistance from us once the website has gone live. Think Inventory Solutions is a perfect example of a future proof website.

View the website for yourself here


Think Inventory Solutions


The brochure was designed to sit along side the website and the design follows this. The design uses strong images and space which provides for a clean and fresh corporate brochure. The client at this stage didn’t want any printed copies and so we provided them with a flipbook which allows for easy sharing through emails and the website.

Think Inventory Solutions

If you would like to view the digital online brochure click here

This was a fantastic project from the start and utilised all key aspects of creative from the design studio to the website coders to the account manager.

We continue to work with Think Inventory Solutions and are now looking at stage 2 of the plan which will include website (SEO) effectiveness, integrating social media, advertising etc.