Writing creates your company voice.

Selecting words, crafting sentences and expressing your company identity takes time and it is vital to the success of your business.

Finding the right tone to showcase what you do, in a way that brings customers to you, should be a major part of the foundation of every new business.

Agreeing on your company voice brings people together as your company evolves. Whether it’s the staff coming together as they understand the personality, vision and goals of the company or the senior managers collaborating as they create the ethos of a pioneering new adventure; this is a key process to achieving success.

The importance of language, the importance of the words to represent your company to the world, should never be underestimated. The creation of written content for your company should endeavour to reach consistently high standards. This can be achieved with the use of a freelance writing professional who can support the content creation for your business.

Content creation is a cornerstone.

The Shine Bright Mama

Website Content

A professional writer will provide you with content which hooks in your reader, to turn them into a customer. Professional copy writers guide you into the right tone and present your company voice through engaging content which educates and welcomes new people into the services your company provides. Website content form a writer will use SEO to draw traffic to your site. Creating homepage content is a craft which delicately balances the use of language to give personality, information and selected key words for search engines to find you.

Your website writing should allow your customers to easily understand why they need you and clearly explain your company’s services, products or processes. All of this should be achieved while showing your company’s values through the website content, demonstrated through the appropriate company voice.

Proof reading

Reading your own writing is always a challenge as you find that your eyes will see what you thought you’d written. A professional proof reading service will give you a second eye for fine detail. This includes spelling, punctuation and grammar checks, along with comments on the language choice to ensure you are reaching your target audience with your intended message.

A proof read will show you where you have made typos, missed out words or where you have repeated a word and need more variety. In addition to these points, a professional writer will guide you back to the correct tone if your have wandered, as well as ensuring that your text maintains flow and coherently expresses the ideas or information you are writing to explain. 

Social Media Posts 

Writing Social Media content is a fast moving and time consuming job for any company. Using a freelance writing service gives back some of this time to you, while an expert creates your Social Media posts for you.

Understanding the nature of each individual Social Media platform is time consuming for anyone running a business. By using a freelance writer to create your Social Media content for you, you are making sure that your company has a professional image across the platforms which you select for your business, written by a writer who understands the platform and can give you the biggest impact with your Social Media content. Social Media is a powerful tool to demonstrate your company’s relevance to potential customers, as well as linking back to the use of SEO on your Website. Your social media should reinforce your beliefs as a company and focus in on your uniqueness as a brand.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

 First impressions count and it can only take a missing capital letter to change the perception of your company for a potential client.

A freelance writer gives you content which is professionally proof read and created with a secure knowledge of the key pillars of writing.

Freelance writing services give you the peace of mind that your company is giving a professional image consistently across Social Media, Website Content, emailers, adverts or any other text content provided by your business.

The Shine Bright Mama

As a freelance writer based in Worcestershire in the UK, I create content for companies to use on their Websites, Social Media and anywhere else that may be required. I currently work part time as a Primary Teacher and University Lecturer, with my main working focus on writing freelance for a wide and varying range of companies. After over a decade of supporting our younger generations with the foundations of their writing skills, I have strong skills to create content which is accurate, creative and quick.

My copy always aims to bring a tone of voice which is appropriate and unique to your business, finding ways to use language which is sensitive to the needs of your company, while adapting to the ever changing world of language usage we all live in.


Taking care to find ways to create content which is inclusive and open minded is one of my passions and a value I hold to strongly.

As a keen and fast learner, I enjoy engaging with new brands across different industries; learning about new businesses before finding the way into the creation of content which I am proud to see represented the interesting companies I write for. Click on the link to my portfolio of past and present clients to see examples of some of the industries I have written for

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